What you should know when asking for an estimate

Studio Notarile Bortoluzzi is willing to provide estimates for its services.
Andrea Bortoluzzi and his staff have pride in taking care of their clients in relation to all possible issues connected with the services sought – providing
advice and suggestions, if the case be; finding missing documents; making contacts with public offices, entities and banks; facilitating clients in any possible operational details. For this reason, you are invited, also in your own interest, to take a few moments for a preliminary interview with the firm’s Owner before asking for an estimate. Andrea Bortoluzzi is at your disposal to ensure that the estimate actually corresponds to the services required and that their quality is of a level such as to warrant you not simply the economic but also the legal result you are looking for. This piece of advice holds true also for routine matters, apparently requiring no consultancy services. Drawing up an accurate estimate will spare you unwelcome, unpredicted surprises. To do so, certain detailed information will have to be included in your request – whether sent by email or conveyed by phone – so as to first of all determine the tax burden, which is subject to a number of variables.
For that reason, we invite you to make an appointment before any estimate is prepared. And that is also why, for the sake of fair dealings with our clients, we refuse to provide quotes based on general and/or incomplete information. If you are seeking estimates from several professionals, please pay attention in particular to the item “Advances and disbursements”. These are taxes and costs fixed by the law, therefore there can be no differences in that respect. If the estimates should show differences also in terms of fees, please consider the quality of the services offered. In Italy a notary’s services are more often than not requested once in a lifetime, and to make a safe investment: value for money considerations should be an essential element
when making your decision// when choosing your professional.
For quotes and estimates please refer to Daniela Bogni