Studio Notarile Bortoluzzi offers real estate, succession matter and corporate general consultancy. Bortoluzzi Notary’s firm deals with real estate transactions and mortgage, wills and family law, corporate transactions and company incorporation.

Bortoluzzi Notary’s firm

Studio Notarile Bortoluzzi was founded in 1951. Today the Bortoluzzis number no less than 5 Notaries, all still practising under the Notarial Board of Milan: Giuseppe, now retired, and Andrea, Tomaso, Cesare and Pietro, all active.

Andrea Bortoluzzi is the owner of the main office in Gallarate and the branch in Milan. He is specialised in corporate and family matters, wills and succession, and public and private RE property transactions.

Next to his professional practice, Andrea Bortoluzzi has also gained experience in the academic field, teaching in various notary schools, and as a lay judge. He is a contract-lecturer in Commercial Law at Insubria University, School of Economics. In the past he acted as a civil lay judge (Giudice Onorario Aggregato) at the Court of Busto Arsizio.

Other sectors of expertise include: conciliation and arbitration in real estate, wills and succession, and corporate matters; general assistance to courts as a fiduciary (inheritance inventories, assignments as keeper or trustee in insolvency procedures, and fractional sales); and expropriation of real estate properties upon delegation by the Courts of Busto Arsizio and Varese.

The Bortoluzzis: a dinasty of notaries

Giuseppe Bortoluzzi, a Venetian transplanted with his family in the 1930s, after going through the wartime vicissitudes and graduating in Pavia, began his notary’s career serving as an apprentice at Zanzi’s office, who at that time had been notaries in Varese for over a century.

After qualifying, following a brief period at Albavilla and Seregno, he became a notary in Varese where he held his office without interruption from the 1950s until retirement – at first in Piazza della Motta 5/a, then in Piazza Monte Grappa 4.
He, in his turn, trained two sons, Andrea and Tomaso, both of whom graduates from the University of Pavia and notaries, and three grandsons: Pietro and Cesare, likewise notaries, and Guido, a lawyer.

Tomaso, formerly a notary at Malnate, now practices at the office in Varese, Piazza Monte Grappa 4. Andrea, after practising for a short period at Sesto San Giovanni and Samarate and for over a decade at Cuvio, has been running his notary’s practice in Gallarate since 1998 (initially in via Ferni 3, now in via Manzoni 17), opening a branch in Milan in 2017.