How to buy property in Italy step by step

There are two main steps to buying a property in Italy as a foreigner:

First step: Proposal and related acceptance by the seller.
Second step: Sale deed of the Notary.

What Bortoluzzi Notary’s firm do as soon as you will find a house of your interest:

  • Draw the proposal both in English and Italian after taking contacts with the seller or the Real Estate Agency for the delivery of the title of property and all required documents for the transfer of property
  •  Investigate both in the Cadastral and Real Estate Register if the property is free from any constraints
  • Prepare a letter of instructions both in English and Italian to the Notary for the deposit on his escrow account of the sum required by the seller or the Agency to guarantee the trustability of the proposal
  • Help with the bank transfer of the whole price before the signature of the closing deed and related letter of instruction both in English and Italian to the Notary
  • Assist with the bank if you are asking for a mortgage to buy the property
  • Assist in finding a surveyor if an investigation concerning the Authorisation of the Municipality related to building the property will be required because of a lack of information from the seller
  • Translate the content of the deed of sale and, if of interest, related mortgage
  • (If required) draw a POA both in English and Italian and give you all related informations
  • (if required) give any information concerning the respect of the Reciprocity principle
  • Give all the information concerning your nuptial regime in relation to the purchase

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